Before reconditioning your rim, we check for any bends or stress cracks. If necessary, the rim will be straightened back to factory specs. The rim is then cleaned and beadblasted to remove all paint and clearcoat. Any missing metal will then be welded back to the rim and then it will be machined to perfection. The rim is then primed with the industry's best primer for strong adhesion. Two coats of factory original color are applied ad then two coats of clear coat for additional protection. 

The paint and clearcoat is then put through a special heating process to ensure our lifetime warranty against paint and clearcoat failure.

  • Full Lifetime Warranty on the Finish
  • Your Wheel is Back in New Condition
  • Less than 1/2 of the Cost of a New Rim in Most Cases
  • You Get Your Own Rim Back


  • Machine or Painted Rims-------$149.00/per rim
  • Polished Rims-------------------$209.00/per rim
  • After Market Rims---------------Starts @ $199.00
  • Hypersilver----------------------Call for Quote

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